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If you log on to Free Realms as of this posting, you'll find that the game is currently down. Well, there's a scheduled maintenance for tonight (November 18th, 2010)! However, don't expect too much.

According to the maintenance notes from Free Realms' Ambassador Pex, there's a few things you can expect to see when the servers come back. Although, very few:

  • SC Marketplace
    • "Complex Shrouded Glade Lot" (with "terraced land")
  • Coin Shop
    • "Sylvan Stove"
    • "Ringed Side Table"

We also suspect that Halloween Spooktacular will also finally be removed entirely from the game. Until next year, that is, of course!

While this update may seem small, note that there may sometimes be other things sneaked into the update that may not be mentioned! So, who knows what surprises, if any, will come from this update!

Stay tuned to as we get more info on this update!
And don't forget about our monthly TCG Tourney Party coming tonight! (Considering that the servers are back in time, which should be the case!) 



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