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With Referee Scarlet's recent article on account safety (Found HERE). We thought this would be a good opportunity to remind everyone some further safety tips for Free realms and Free Realms Insider.

As Referee Scarlet mentioned, it is never a good idea to share your account information--and that includes here at Free Realms Insider! Never tell your friend your password so they can "just check something." What happens on your account is your responsibility. There are other things to remember about account safety as well! A staff member at Free Realms Insider, or a Referee on Free Realms will never ask for your account password or information. This is your own personal key to your information and accounts, and it should never be shared with anyone.





While we all use passwords every day of our lives, we do not always give a lot of thought to these passwords. Creating a strong password is one of the single most important things we can do to protect our online accounts, and the information it may store. How do you know if your passwords are strong enough? Microsoft has created a "Password Checker" that will tell you if your password is Weak, Medium, Strong, or BEST. You can use this password checker by visiting this page.


If your password failed the test, or if you want to know about making stronger passwords. You can read Microsoft's article, "Strong Passwords: How to Create and use Them." This will explain in careful details what it takes to make a strong password. It will also give you tips and examples of how to create one yourself step by step. You can read this article HERE.


Remember to do your part and keep your information safe! We'd also like to thank FIA from for the valuable information about building a strong password and her helpful links.



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