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Free Realms Insider invites you all to join us on Friday 19th November at 8pm EST for another TCG Party.  Like our previous parties, the prizes will be available to all

 kinds of players. It's a great chance to hang out with friends, work on your deck and win awesome prizes all at the same time! Even if you're not into TCG much you can still bag a few prizes by just playing a couple of games! If you reckon you've got what it takes to win it all, then you're in luck as this tourneys is just crammed full of goodies. Never find yourself without a hat again....


 VR Prizes Coin Prizes
1st Place : Card Champion's Case
1st - 5th Place: Sparkling Tiara
1st - 25th Place: Card Champion's Rod
6th - 10th Place: Traffic Cone Hat
Win 3 Games: Pretty Princess hat
Win 6 Games: Rocker Hat
Win 9 Games: Spinner Cap
Win 12 Games: Money Hat
Play 1 game: Pixie Party Hat (Win or Lose)
Win 1 Game: 2000 Coins
Win 2 Games: 2000 Coins
Win 4 Games: 2000 Coins
Win 5 Games: 2000 Coins
Win 7 Games: 2000 Coins
Win 8 Games: 2000 Coins
Win 10 Games: 4000 Coins
Win 11 Game: 4000 Coins
Win 13 Games: 6000 Coins
Win 14 Games: 6000 Coins
Wait a sec! In December we have another tourney, with a Christmas Bonus! So stay tuned to FRI for that.



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