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Another holiday-bearing month calls for another Free Realms update!

To better prepare for Thanksgiving, SOE has returned two of last year's holiday specials to the SC Marketplace: The Turkey Hat and the Turkey Outfit!


(Prices listed in the picture above are Member's Discount prices. (10% off))

Also, all Halloween costumes and other Halloween-related items in the SC Marketplace have been marked down, with a discounted price ranging up to 50% off!

Be sure to go in game and check out these new additions!

On a side note, we also came across another new item in the SC Marketplace...


Apparently the One-way Teleporters have been around for about a week now, priced at 180 SC for Members and 200 SC for Non-Members. If you weren't already aware of this item, you may want to check that out as well!



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