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Just a reminder to all Free Realms players: After being around for about a month now, all things must come to an end.

Yes, Super Spooktacular is scheduled to come to a close next week on Wednesday, November 17th!

That's right: That means that you only have less than a week to get through the Halloween quests, trick or treating, collect all those Halloween costumes, and of course your last chance to pick up all those Spooktacular items in the SC Marketplace and Coin Shop!

After that date, all the Super Spooktacular content will disappear and won't be seen again until next year's Halloween Spooktacular!

But note that it's 'scheduled' to end by that date, meaning that Sony Online Entertainment may change it at any time, be it much earlier or much later. As things may come up at last minute, the date may be delayed, or even pushed forward. Just a friendly warning that, while we anticipate it to end on the 17th, just keep in mind that it may not be the case!

What's your favorite memory from Spooktacular this year?What did you like with Spooktacular this year? What changes do you hope comes up next year? What will you be doing in the next final week of Spooktacular?



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