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If you're reading this, then the Free Realms servers are down! But don't worry! There's some cool stuff coming tonight! What exactly? Well, let's see!

First up: Remember when Roland Spore was chosen for the Free Realms Race Track Challenge a while back? (almost 3 months ago!)
Well, it's going to be in the update tonight! It will be added to a mountain peak in the southeast corner of Snowhill, and we hear that Roland Spore will be immortalized in-game as his own NPC right there!

Also tonight, just as Halloween shops and sections in stores are doing, there will be a post-Halloween discount on all the Halloween costumes! No word on how much of a discount, but we shall see soon!

And finally, the most exciting part of all: Mac support is finally coming to Free Realms! Yes: If you play on a Mac, you too can play on Free Realms just as PC users have for over a year now! You will get to play the same exact way as PC players do, as well as using the same servers!

The maintenance may last anywhere from two to four hours, so go hang out on the forums or Clone Wars Adventures in the mean time!

Update: The servers are back and the update is in! Go check it out now!



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