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That's now quite how the saying goes; however, for us, the 3rd of November will mark the beginning of SOE Super Fan Days!

If you haven't yet heard about Super Fan Days, be prepared for *50% off of Station Cash, great sale items in game, and super exclusive hot daily deals!

Super Fun Days will run from Wednesday , November 3, 2010 until Tuesday, November 9, 2010. Make sure you log into Free Realms daily, because each day from Wednesday through Tuesday, Free Realms will have a special one-day sale on just one item. But don't wait...once the next day's item goes on sale, you will have missed the prior day's deal!

* Promotion does not include purchases made via SMS or pre-paid cards.


All of this information is courtesy Ashlanne over at the Station Community Forum! Check her post out for more news. 



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