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October is a month for many things, but there's two that's close to me: Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Bullying Prevention Month.
For me, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer several years back, and I didn't know what to think. That was a very tough time for my family, especially me personally. Thankfully we found out about it early and she today is a breast cancer survivor. 
As for bullying, it affects many. Studies have shown that 77% of students are bullied, mentally, verbally, and physically. And not just there: Cyberbullying has grown now all the technology we have. It's hard to escape it now that we can all get text messages, emails, contacted through social networks, and other ways, including through online games.

To help spread awareness for both of these topics, and help close off the month, I will be hosting an Awareness March through Free Realms. In doing so, I will tell a tale of a little pixie who is trying to deal with both breast cancer and bullying along every stop. (don't worry: there's a happy ending in store at the finish) My pixie, Lil Nymo, will be telling the story and hosting the event.

We meet at the steps of the Shrouded Glade academy (shown above) and will pass by Lakeshore, Stillwater Crossing, and Blackspore, finally finishing at Sanctuary.
The event will be right after the SOE Halloween Hocus Pocus Ustream event and will begin around 4:30 PM Pacific/7:30 PM Eastern.

 If you wish to support either cause, I encourage you to wear either pink or purple to the event. However, I want this march to be open to what you believe it. Again, October is a month of many things; From LGBT History Month, Filipino American History Month, to yes, National Pizza Month. Whatever you believe in and support, I encourage you to take a stand and walk for your cause at the Awareness March. 
Also, being that we're taking a stand against bullying, we encourage participants to compliment fellow others at the event! Say "You're awesome!" to another!

Here's an overview:

  • What: October Awareness March
  • Where: Meet at the steps of the academy at Shrouded Glade, Server 3
  • Who: For all! Bring your friends and support your cause! Hosted by Nymo's pixie Lil Nymo
  • What: Help support breast cancer awareness and bullying prevention this month, as well as other causes you wish to support this October at the Awareness March. Lil Nymo as he tells a tale along the journey through Free Realms. During the march, be sure to compliment others and wear pink/purple to help support the cause!
  • Why: To raise awareness for breast cancer and bullying prevention (as well as other topics) and help close off the month. While breast cancer awareness/bullying prevention month is coming a close, they are topics that are not to be forgotten the rest of the year!
  • When: Friday October 29th at 4:30 PM Pacific/7:30 PM Eastern

Click for more information on Breast Cancer Awareness Month or Bullying Prevention Month.

I personally thank you all who have supported either cause all this month, and I hope to see you there.

(if there's enough demand, I might host it again on Saturday)



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