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As many of our members have reported throughout our forums in the past day, there is a brand new housing structure coming soon to Free Realms!  This house will be different then those previously available for purchase, as it will feature not one floor to decorate--but three! It is possible that this house will be released within the next week when the newest Halloween themed items are added. It will be available for 950sc, however, we are not sure if this will be a member exclusive item at this point.



Stay tuned to for more information as it becomes available! You can check out the latest Spooktacular wrap up by clicking HERE.

UPDATE 10-26-10: It appears that the new Blackspore House will be included in tonight's update, according to the official Free Realms Facebook and Twitter pages. Yes, there will be an update tonight! (Maybe that's why the house party today was moved!)


To help with showing you the grand scale of the new house, Pex has taken a photo from the balcony...


Oh, and did we mention there will be a new Skeleton Dragon ride with the update? Just checkin'....

Are you going to pick it up when it come into the game?


UPDATE (10/27 @ 7:42am EST): Pex has confirmed that the Blackspore House will not be removed after Spooktacular. This item is a permanent addition to the housing options available.



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