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We know this week is a packed one for events, but how about some more? We've help host Sev Kenek's events in the past, and he's back with 2 more events this weekend! Get ready for Swamp Hunt & Phantom Maze 2!

Take it away Sev!

On a special October night, ghosts are said to haunt the maze of Briarwood.. Causing mischief for the local visitors.
Join us for this special event.

Our ghosts will be hiding in the maze waiting to sneak up on you with a hearty can of silly string. All participants in this event will be let into the maze after registering. It is your objective to avoid the ghosts while walking through the maze.

If you are sprayed you must leave the maze in stringy shame and head to the camp fire by the Briarwood warpstone with the other victims.

The event will have a small difference this year. It's not about the last to survive this time, it's about the first players to find 1 of 5 creatures in the maze without getting sprayed. When you find one of the below creatures (they will have the <Phantom Maze> guild tag) You must send them a trade invite. When you do they will notify me that you were first to find them so you can get your prize.
- Find the Skeleton - Get: A Man Eating Plant mask + 20k
- Find the Jack O'Lantern - Get: 3 Spaghetti with meatballs + 20k
-Find the Wraith - Get: A Sev Kenek DoD + 20k
-Find the Black bat - Get: 2 Bat Wing Cookie Vr's + 20k
-Find the Tarantula - Get: A Spider Bite Sword code + 20k

[Before people are let into the maze, I ask that you stand in line tobe registered by me so that you may be eligible for the above prizes]

We urge you to turn off your mini map friend/guild dots in case any of the ghosts/hidden creatures are your friends. This way the ghosts/creatures will remain incognito. Do this by going to Settings > Minimap Options > Dots On Minimap.

  • When: Sunday October 24 3 pm PST (6 pm EST, 5 pm CST)
  • Where: Group up at the Briarwood warpstone at the campfire for the pre-game announcements.
  • Server: One
Hope to scare see you there!


Visit my fully staffed Haunt at my Blackspore Lot the day before the Phantom Maze event!

  • When: Saturday, Oct 23 3pm PST (6pm EST, 5pm CST)
  • Where: My Blackspore Lot
  • Server: One

Wander over to see what is in store for you. My frightening staff can't wait to give you a good scare!

[ I will be accepting friend requests for the event from now till the time of the event. I will also be accepting friend requests in person at the Haunted Mines battle entrance 30 min prior to the event start at my lot. IGN: Sev Kenek ]

To keep my lot surprising and fun I have chosen to show the above screenshot. You will have to drop on in for a spooktastic good time. 

We will be waiting for your arrival... Name:  Dance_Pumpkin__Dance_by_Larw_ck.gif Views: 32 Size:  5.2 KB


Thanks again Sev Kenek! Click here to go drop by his thread and hope to see you there!



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