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Thanks to all of our fantastic members, we had a fantastic turn out to our Maze Challenge.  We hope everyone had a great time trying to get through the maze, as many of you found out last night--it sure was a challenge!  Did you find the hidden never ending slide?

While many did make it to the stage at the end of the night, there can only be a few winners. Because the player who landed on the stage first did not stay to allow us to record their username, we have split the prizes up to second and third place.  Each of the seven (7) Station Cash cards were awarded at random to our guild members who successfully completed the maze.




Coin Prizes:
Savannah Rosespice and Utada!

Exclusive Insider Station Cash Prizes:
Black Amethyst
Chaz Morrison
Zach Aurahero
Spellbinder Ragu

The winners will be receiving a private message with how to claim their prize shortly. Thanks to all who came out to support us, and joined us for a fun filled evening!   We hope to see you all at our next event too.



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