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Are you ready to try your luck in the Teleportation Maze of DHOOM?!

Well you should be, because the maze officially opens in one hour!

-Remember, the maze is taking place in my Shrouded Glade lot, so make sure to send a friend request to Kaden Skycliff if you'd like to participate! Come early to hang out and party, but the maze officially opens at 7:30 pm EST!

Now for the technical stuff!

This is the Winners Stage.

The only way to get onto the Winners Stage, is to successfully navigate through the teleporter maze. I will be watching the stage for the first 3 people, who will receive coin prizes.

Also, as previously mentioned, all Insider guild members who complete the maze, will be entered into a random drawing in which you have the chance to win one of seven $5 SC Cards! To enter, please take a picture of yourself standing on the Winners Stage, and send it to me, Kaden, in a private message. You have until 10:29 PM EST to send the message with your picture. Any other entries submitted after that time will not be accepted.

-Anyone caught telling other people how to get through the maze will be disqualified.
-Anyone caught attempting to get onto the Winners Stage by any other means other than navigating through the maze, will also be disqualified.

See you there, Good Luck!



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