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Looking for something to do this weekend, what about attempting to defeat Kaden's Teleportation Maze of Dhoom? The Staff will be hanging out at Kaden's newest lot this Saturday!  Be sure to arrive early, as the maze will officially open to all challengers at 7:30pm EST.  

There will be fun and games, lots of partying and prizes for those who are able to navigate through the maze the fastest. So be sure to mark your calendars and come hang out with the staff, guild, and forum members of FRI!



Saturday, October 16th and 7:30pm
Kaden's Shrouded Glade Lot
Arrive early! The maze official opens at 7:30pm.


Players who teleport directly to a staff member, or another person who has completed the maze will be disqualified.
Posting, messaging or other wise direction on how to complete the maze will also disqualify you.

First player through the maze will receive 100,000 (100k) in Coins!
Second place will receive 50,000 (50k) in Coins.
Third place will receive 20,000 (20k) in Coins.

All Insider Guild members who complete the Maze will be entered to win one of seven (7)  $5 SC cards! 
The winners names will be drawn after the event at random.


More information about the guild and how to apply can be found HERE, You must be a current member of the guild in game to be entered into our random draw.



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