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It's been about a day since the new update for Super Spooktacular came in, so let's rundown all the new stuff in the update!

While the Spooktacular quests and world events haven't come in yet, quite a bit of stuff came in for the October 9th Free Realms update.

First off: Halloween content!

For all you vampires/werewolves fans, the SC Marketplace has something for you! 

Bundles! Support either "Team Vampire" or "Team Werewolf" with these new bundles, which include items to show your pride in these monstrosities: Team Vampire Bundles include Vampire Fangs, a pet Bat, a Team Vampire T-Shirt & a new Vampire Outfit. Team Werewolf Bundles include a Werewolf Tail, a pet Wolf, a Team Werewolf T-Shirt & a new Werewolf Outfit. The bundles cost 900 SC, 810 SC for members. The outfit costumes included are completely new and different from last year's ones and can also be purchased separately from the bundles for 500 SC (450 for members) and you can color them different colors.

While the wolf pets in the new bundles aren't all new, the bats are!

The new Bat pets are 350 SC each (315 SC for members) and are currently available in 6 different colors.

Along with the new items, some older Halloween items are now back, like costumes, item belt supplies, face paint, and more. Even items that were previously unavailable to many players are back, like the T-Bone Steak Outfit from the profile promotional ads and the Phantom Face Paint Card from the 2009's member's pack.

Also interesting to note that all the SC flair shards have drastically gone down in price, most costing 100 SC (90 SC for members). However, this apparently isn't a bug being that a Free Realms Team member commented on the official forums that "This was an intended change to bring the cost of the older original shards more in line with the price of newer shards."

Also new and not fully Spooktacular related: There appears to be a new structure out by the Greenwood Forrest Warpstone!

According to screenshots by Cindra on the official forums, this new structure that you may have already seen on the way to rob Robbie appears to be a new card game called Free Realms Treasure War. The pixie that explains all this outside of the structure has since been removed and we still have no word on what Treasure War may be.

Also to note: There appears to be changes to the Snowy Canyon combat instance. Previously this wildly-popular area was used by many players to quickly earn some new armor with the battle's simple bonus objective, but now that seems to have changed.

That's about all for this update! Be sure to check out the game for the rest of the month as there will be regular updates each week, specifically for new costumes! And hopefully by next week: The arrival for the quests! Have a Spooktacular October Insiders!



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