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The latest SOE Podcast released today, and along with it came some details for this year's Halloween Spooktacular event!

According to Pex: "All the costumes and quest from last year will be returning, along with some new additions."

We're not sure if every single thing from last year will come back, like the Limited Edition Werewolf Costume, but some have reported seeing last year's T-Bone Steak Outfit promo item on their profile pages already. And not sure if other items from last year's Spooktacular will be back either, such as all the item belt items.

The Spooktacular update is set to "materialize on October 6th," according to the podcast. 

Note however that it may be scheduled to arrive by then, but it may not necessarily arrive by then. There has been times before where they mentioned a date on the podcast or elsewhere, but it turned out not to be the right date.

Regardless: Are you excited for this year's Spooktacular? What are you happy to see returning? What "new additions" do you think we'll see this year?

Update - We got an update from Pex on when it's scheduled to begin:
"Spooktacular 2010 is scheduled to start this Thursday evening/Friday morning."
On when it's scheduled to end, there's still no official word on that

UPDATE 2 - If you are reading this, chances are that the servers are already down! However, don't get too excited! Pex has said that some parts of the update intended for today won't be coming until next week.

"Hey all!

I wanted to give an update on the rollout for the Super Spooktacular. Due to  some issues with the new quests, we are going to have to delay some of the content until next week. That is the downside to new stuff, sometimes it takes longer than expected.

We are still going to do an update tonight with Halloween costumes and the combat instances, but not the quests or world events. Those will have to happen next week.

Thanks for your patience!"

As of posting, is still down for maintenance. As usual, the maintenance may take anywhere from two to four hours.

Update 3: Yep, servers are back in case you are wondering!



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