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Halloween may be about a month away, but Free Realms is getting ready with a new update that released today!

What can you expect in this update?

In the Coin Shop, you can find 3 new Housing items (Spooky Tree, Spooky Fallen Log, and Hallowed Out Tree Stump, all under the Exterior Decorations category), as well as 2 new Pet Pals (a Mini Necrowart Zombie and Baby Black Widow)!

For the SC Marketplace, 3 costumes from last year's Spooktacular event makes a comeback. Those include a Chicken and Carrot outfit, plus the Dinosaur outfit, which you can now "Color it yourself!" with 14 different colors!


And finally: There's a new Blackspore lot! Perfect for a haunting-good-time of a party!

All these items are in-game right now, so go ahead and check them out the next time you log in!



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