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Dragon*Con is kicking off today in Atlanta, Georgia to a massive crowd, and Sony Online Entertainment is going to be there!
Can't make it there in person? No worries! You can still attend virtually with Ustream! SOE will be streaming live from their panels on their Ustream channel, including from their Free Realms/Clone Wars Adventures panel!
What will be said and possibly announced from the FR panel? Tune in to the live Ustream channel at 11:30 AM Pacific/2:30 PM Eastern today, Friday September the 3rd and watch with us to find out!
And if you are actually making it down there for the convention, be sure to say "Hi!" to the SOE people for us!
See you on Ustream, Insiders!
UPDATE: The Ustream event is now over! Stay tuned while we post details about it, as well as a recording of the stream!



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