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Today, April 29th, just happens to be Free Realms's 4th birthday. That's four incredible years of partying, battling, exploring, cooking, chatting, riding, farming, fishing, racing, and just having fun in general. No matter how long you have been on Free Realms or Free Realms Insider, we would just like to thank you for all these years of fun!

In other news... here is the weekly development update for this week! (The following was posted by Shock (SOE Developer) on the official forums. To view images or addition information, you can view his post there.)

Hi everyone! I hope some of you are enjoying the cool new dresses we released on Wednesday. I personally think they look fantastic. First, let’s talk about the Hero Rises release. We're wrapping up a few last minute items before publishing it. As you probably figured out by now, it’s not going to make it for this week. We're trying very hard to hit next Thursday. I'll keep you posted if this changes. We've been doing a lot of work on our UI lately. Our goal is to ultimately remove unnecessary screen clutter while improving usability. As you can see from the photo, the game dock is now very streamlined. We've also grouped all the chat and messaging related items into one screen. Oh, and that darn scrollbar is finally on the right! Here's a shot of our new RealmShake booombox. Think Harlem Shake, FreeRealms style. I can't wait to see the YouTube videos that pop up using this! Continuing our quest to provide you with more ways to look unique, here's a shot of our earring wearables. It's all about the details when you're trying to look sharp!



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