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Maybe it's in Seaside? Blackspore? Snowhill?...

An Easter Egg Hunt has come to the Realms! For the first time in Free Realms history, it's time to track down those eggs! Much like the Snow Days present event, there is a new quest unlocked each day to complete. For completing the quest the day it is released, you receive an egg and an egg coloring kit. If you complete the quest on a later day, you will only receive the egg. Make sure you log in the day they are released so you do not have to use any Station Cash so buy the egg coloring kit to complete the egg.

There are a total of 4 quests to complete. Color all of your eggs and you will also get a bonus giant egg to open! Eggs will be able to be cracked open on March 31st, and are sure to contain a fun prize. You can start hunting for eggs by talking to Alyssa Eggelyn in Sanctuary.

Having trouble finding any of the eggs? I won't say any spoilers here for those of you who wish to hunt them out on your own, but if you are looking for help, take a peek at the forums! Some of our great members have already comprised guides for days 1 and 2 of the event. Go check them out!

In other news... The Rumbledome has reached the TCG! Log in to see the new booster packs and quests available!



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